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How is my Ad Promoted on Netsocialblog?

Your ads are promoted via

*.  Sponsored Post – This is the form of promotion whereby detailed information including links and contacts about your product or website are included. Sponsored Post are PERMANENT and would continue to remain on the blog as long as this blog lives on.
Kindly note that Sponsored Post are only accepted if i find your business products, service website or blog valuable and/or interesting to my readers. Extra benefits of Sponsored post is that; It would be displayed on NSB Homepage for 30days for higher visibility! [Negotiation is open if you want to extend for more than 30days]
=> Sponsored Post costs a one time fee of #15000 ($60) and article is permanently available on the blog.

*. Text Ad  – This form of ad is displayed at the sidebar of the blog using Text Only and Text Links. It shows on all pages of the blog including post pages. Text ads are billed monthly at the rate of $15

Image Ads – Image ads can be placed at the sidebar of the blog, header section or footer. Ad sizes that are accepted  728×90 (Below Header for $35) , 336×280 (Sidebar for $20)  and 300×250 (medium rectangle for $15 ) and 125×125 for $12 monthly.

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  Majority of NSB Readers countries are from: United States, Nigeria, India, Kenya, South Africa and France.

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